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Potential 2026 Reinforcements.


These players below can potentially contribute in 2026. The potential 2030 contributors are around the age of 10-14 now.

Wave 2. 2026. Make it to the QF/SF depending on the draw.

Wave 3. 2030. Compete for the World Cup and never stop competing for it, from this moment on.




Kobi Henry-6.5

B. Craig-7


J. Gomez-6

J. Tolkin-7

C. McFarlane-6.5

C. Wiley-7

R. Baker-Whiting-6

Adrian Gill-7.5

O. Vargas-6

T. Booth-7

Q. Sullivan-6

J. McGllynn-6.5

P. Aaronson-6.5

Esmir B-6

K. Fletcher-7

Axel Perez-6

M. Sanogo-6


D. Luna-6.5

R. Pepi-7.5

C. Medina-7.5(DN)

Alvarado Jr.-6.5

D. Edelman-6

R. Pukstas-6

N. Tsakiris-6.5

M. Tillman-6

S. Ngoma-6.5

A. Mighten-6

J. Mize-6.5

J. Tompkinson-6.5

J. Neal-6

J. Wynder-6.5

T. Ku-DiPietro-6

R. Neri-6

As more players emerge, many from out of nowhere, I will post them and my ratings.

I feel US Soccer and our development of quality players is just beginning. I believe by 2050, we will be the Brazilian equivalent.

The US must find a way to create more dynamic wingers and quality CB's.

If a wide player can not beat a player on the dribble, they are useless.

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